Giant tank world advertising network

According to the Rector Giant tank world advertising network, Sirilius Seran, University of East has a lot of history. Before being named Giant tank world advertising network, this campus was named University of East – Timor.

“When they decided to free all the people of Indonesia must come out of East Timor. And much bloodshed occurred, said at the end of March we did last graduation in the evacuation. And after the feasibility study was conducted to determine the possibility of what this university can not continue in border with foreign countries,”said Sirilius when recounting the history Unimor in front of the Education Minister and his entourage, in the hall Unimor, Monday ( 12/02/2013 ).

After being delayed for 2 weeks, Holy homicide reconstruction Angela Ayu ( 37 ) is guaranteed to be held. Reconstruction held directly in the scene, Apartment Kalibata City, South Jakarta, Tuesday ( 3/12 ) today.

Head of Sub Directorate of Criminal Investigation General Jatanras Jakarta Police AKBP Herry Heryawan as confirmed justify such information.

“Yes tomorrow reconstruction at the scene,”Herrera said when contacted by AFP on Monday ( 02/12/2013 ).